Through my day to day existence I am asked many question about who and what I am. Here is a broad sample of some of those common questions...

What music I am into? What are my musical tastes?

I predominately listen to Goth or Gothic music, which tends to be a broad spectrum, from The Sisters of Mercy to Inkkubus Sukkubus. I also listen to mainstream alternative, grunge, classical, Metal, Emo and Punk. At the moment I'm really into my German Industrial with female vocalists :D

Why are you Goth?

I used to always get this one waiting for a taxi after a night out, usually from some trendy young lad or group of lads. I could come out with some tripe about needing to fit in within a society or community ... Or some tribe rubbish about mutual protection or the them and us mentality....

Actually they tend to leave you alone if you engage one thing their brains cells can comprehend - Sex!

"Have they not seen some of the ladies that exist in the Goth scene, why would you not want to be part of that!"

And its true, very Freudian, but true...

There has got to be more to it than that?

There is!

My road to Gothdom started many years ago at school, there was this young chap called Edward. Now I just found him to be very cool, but couldn't really get talking to him, as I was a complete geek and had no confidence... But I did have a love of things of a dark, unearthly, nature; such as Victorian horror/ gothic architecture/ Morticia Adams etc...

It wasn't until I was 19, after going through a metal head phase, that I found what Goth was and instantly got drawn to it. It was all because an artist friend of mine asked me if I was Gothic and had I heard of The Mission. I decided to borrow a mission album from the library, listened to it and loved it. I then went to see them in concert about a month later and there I was surrounded by Goths and I was happy!

Shortly after this I met a girl called Faith and she taught me the rest...

I completely changed over this time. I was more confident, surrounded by people that I enjoyed the company of, I wasn't a geek (lie!) any more! I also suited the look, with the way I dressed and the makeup, and I was attracting the girls I used to only dream off :D

What Religion are you?

I was brought up as a non-practising Christian and have no malice towards the Christian church ( although I do applaud European Christianity for its acceptance of modern scientific view and wish the rest of the world would catch up!), but with my scientific view of the world I class myself as Agnostic.

I'm quite comfortable believing you only get one existence and the only way to immortality is through genetic continuation. That is you carry yourself on through your children and your children's children until the universe claims everything back.

From the stars we are made and from the stars we shall return, we are the universe trying to understand itself and grow...

Do you have a spiritual side?

Yes I have a spiritual side, but as a condition of the mind rather than the soul. I would like to undertake an inner peace moment or go on a spiritual odyssey, just to indulge the feeling of I might find something..

How about morals?

Ah yes... Well the basis of my moral structure come from the good old Church of England (I like the CoE purely because of their apologetic style), plus a few bits from Buddhism and paganism. Also the law is the law, even when its an ass, and I tend to get all karmaesk about doing "wrong" - one of the reasons I'm vegetarian!

What do I do for a living?

Well I've done lots of different things, but mainly on the lowest pay scale. I have worked in clubs, hotels, bars, supermarkets, shops, tattooists, and I was even a Travel Agent for a very short time (I couldn't get my head around the lies).

At the moment I find myself between jobs after I got replaced bt an apprentice, who could do the same job for half the pay!!!

I would like to start my own business, involving motorcycles, as I work best alone!!!

Hope this has helped give an insight into my mind and life :D