I got into motorcycles rather late, but since then I haven't looked back...

My first foray into the world of biking was actually a trike. Which I bought and worked on for a year or so, then had to give away because I lost the garage I was sorting it in.

So instead I bought an Kawasaki AR125 from a local scrap yard. It wasn't until I had an accident a few months later that I decided to sell it and use the money to put a deposit on a new bike...

I bought a Suzuki Marauder 125 and rode it, for two years, until I took my restricted test. This bike got me all over the country.

Once I passed my test I got a proper bike in the form of a Yamaha Dragstar 650 and I run it as my main bike.

During this time I have also owned a Honda CG125, Honda CB250 (which I hated) and a Suzuki CS50 (great little ped which went to a lovely couple who were "Mods").

I am currently working on a Yamaha RXS100 and a NSU Quickly (vintage bike from 1961).

Anyway enjoy the videos!