Hi my name is Anthony, I am a 38-year-old Goth living in Lincolnshire,in England.

I class myself as a committed Goth Biker, living my life in the way I wish to exist. I take the view that I wouldn't be me if I was anything else. I like nearly all things that that come under the headings of Goth or Dark alternative, and quite a few that don't.

On the Goth side, I enjoy going to Goth clubs, pubs and events as often as the purse strings allow. I go in various guises including classic Goth, Goth Barbie, punk Goth and tart.

One of my passions is dressing up so I can't resist having an excuse to dress up. Most of the time it is for going out but I have occasionally modeled for the Attitude Clothing Catalogue

OK fair ye well for now.